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To increase customer visits, effectively use available spaces within facilities, or serve the local community, businesses are looking to provide play space and install play equipment in various facilities.
Through our long experience of constructing and planning/producing play spaces and original play sets, we are developing and selling easy-to-install play sets dedicated to pretend play to bring more fun to kids.


This product was designed in collaboration with the Tyrannosaurs Japan Women’s Revolution.http://tyrajo.com/

The GOKKO SHOP! family of products is dedicated for pretend play and ready to use in vacant spaces or existing play spaces in facilities as well as in day-care centers. The product comes with a set of toys used in pretend play.
Every play set made of high-quality wood is a product of craftsmanship by Japanese factories. Safety is considered in every detail of design to allow kids to safely engage in play. (*Gokko means pretend play in Japanese.)

Dimensions (W, H, D): 1800cm wide x 1500cm high x 1500cm deep
Weight: 80kg
Materials: domestic lumber, plywood, and vinyl chloride

Hard edges are round or covered with protective mats carefully to prevent injuries.

Designed for physical attributes of kids aged 3 to 7 years old.

Product surface is finished with completely non-toxic paints and sheets.

The product comes with a set of toys used in pretend play.

Leather and enamel coating are adopted to facilitate clean removal of saliva and dirt

Products are sturdily built by Japanese woodworking skills including amazing bending work of thick wooden boards.

GOKKO SHOP! family of products can fit into a 3m x 3m indoor space. The whole set can be readily used out of the box at kids play spaces inside supermarkets or shopping malls, day-care centers, children’s centers or nursery schools. Further, by introducing the play set to facilities such as model houses, house exhibition places, coffee shops, car dealerships, city halls and hospitals, you can expect more families to visit as well as complete business negotiations or deals without any hassles while kids engage in play.

”Pretend Play” good for development of mind and emotions

Brain scientists say Pretend Play is important for child development. According to a survey report of MacArthur Foundation Genius Award winners, these creative researchers would often play pretend in their early childhood. It is also widely known that play pretend helps build imagination and creativity, communication, social interaction and empathy skills. Due to a growing number of computer games for toddlers, opportunities for kids to play pretend which is essential for development of mind and emotions is falling. Ryu Engineering believes that increasing play spaces for kids to enjoy pretend play will enhance healthy development of kids, help build society facilitating child rearing and lead to affluent and peaceful future. Please consider introducing our products to your facilities.

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